REsidential SOlar power

Is a solar power system right for your home?

Is a Solar Power System Right for Your Home?

Take control and declare your energy independence by going solar.You no longer have to rent electricity and pay rates that are uncontrollable and ever-increasing. With solar, you will own the electricity and only pay for the excess you use from the grid.

Your electric bill is priced in “Tiers.” After you use your baseline allocation each month, the price goes way up. The baseline is regulated and price increases in the baseline are rare and small. With solar, you can get your grid power usage down to baseline and be secure in knowing your power costs will be small and predictable.


Power your lifestyle with a solar electric power system and clean energy from the sun as your power source.


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Roughly 26% of your solar power system cost is paid for through state and federal incentives. In some areas, the incentives for solar power are even higher.The state solar incentive program is a rebate that is paid approximately 4 – 6 weeks after the system is switched on.The funds for each step have been allocated and when all the funds of a STEP are paid out, the rebate amount of the next level STEP is lower.