our Installation Process


Day 1 – First, site analysis and solar evaluation.

Using our solar Solmetric SunEye, we’ll perform a comprehensive solar analysis of your property. This will help us  determine the most efficient location for producing energy on your roof.

Day 2 – Designing your custom solar energy system.

Working closely with our suppliers, we’ll design a custom solar energy system that meets your specific energy and  financial goals.

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We are here to help make your transition to solar power an easy one.

Day 5 – See how you’ll save money.

Our complete proposal will be presented to you after the design process is finished. The proposal will contain a detailed financial analysis, clearly showing how much money you’ll save per month and the expected payback period for your system. It will also include a full environmental analysis that illustrates how many tons of carbon dioxide emissions your system will offset.

Day 6 – Time to order.

Based upon the design specifications outlined in the proposal, we will order your equipment from our local distributor.

Day 16 – The parts have arrived

Your solar equipment will be delivered directly to your home, free of charge.

Day 17 – Filing the paperwork.

All the permitting and utility rebate claims will be filled by SunCraftsmen on your behalf.

Day 18 – Installation begins.

With permits in hand, installation is ready to begin. Most installations take between 2-3 days, depending upon the size and difficulty of the project.

Day 21 – Now, let the sun pay your electric bill.

The panels are in and ready to begin producing years of clean energy for your home.

Day 22 and beyond – With SunCraftsmen, quality control is always ongoing.

We keep track of your solar system through our online monitoring portal. It allows us to track your energy production and make sure everything is working properly. It will also notify us immediately if any unusual problems occur, so that we can fix them right away.